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Philips ZOOM QuickPro, a system of teeth whitening for 4 tones. Consultation of the dentist + procedure of teeth whitening - 8500 rub.
9700 rub.

Icon-treatment of superficial caries without drilling. Consultation of the dentist + dentistry method Icon - 2100 rub.
3500 rub.

Consultation of an oncologist + removal of a mole - 3000 rub.

Consultation of a cardiologist + ECG with decoding + Lipid profile + Clinical blood test - 7 000 rub.

Our medical team was under the process of formation for more than 15 years. During this time our talents became professionals in different areas of medicine. Leading US doctors has been helping our employees to master the Western standards of care. More»

«Intermedcentr» — American medical center in Moscow

For those who care about their health and want to get professional medical help. The best medical team in Russia will provide the most effective management of disease. Our doctors are not only licensed in Russian, but also in US, Canada and UK. They are talented professionals who love their work.

At any time our patients can count on highest quality service, friendly staff and professional treatment.

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