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Dermatology is the part of clinical medicine which promotes the health and functioning of skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails; and also studies skin diseases, their causes and treatment.

Skin is the largest and most complex human organ. Every second person sooner or later faces various skin diseases; about 15% of all visits to doctors are visits because of these skin problems.

Several dermatologists work in our clinic. They have experience with the diagnosis and treatment for various skin diseases of adults and children such as:

  • Acne and rosacea
  • Fungous diseases of nails and skin
  • Warts and papillomas
  • Sun induced lesions such as keratosis and cutaneous nevi
  • Herpes
  • Eczema and neurodermatitis
  • Chronic contagious dermatitis
  • Urticaria
  • Allergic skin reaction and dermatitis from make-up, fabrics, household cleaning products, latex, metals
  • Psoriasis and lichen planus
  • Perioral and seborrheic dermatitis.

Skin abnormalities can often be symptoms of internal or systemic diseases. To arrive at a solution and treatment program for such situations, we can immediately involve specialists such as allergologist, endocrinologist, infection disease specialist, etc. to work with our dermatologists.

In dermatology, as in all our other services, the cornerstone of our clinic is the principle of a complete approach to each patient.


Irina Valerievna

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