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Medical Programs

Intermedcenter offers a variety of options and programs to make payment for medical care convenient for enrolled Patients and Customers (without any membership fees):

  1. Fee upon services. If you need one-time consultation, some tests or you plan to apply for medical care not regular you can come to the Clinic and pay for provided services according to the valid pricelist. We also provide cashless medical services for holders of insurance policies issued by leading international insurance companies or Russian insurance companies (direct billing).
    If you place the deposit (individual, family, corporate) at the Clinic, then you can get up to 10% discount off valid pricelist for services you are getting in the Clinic. The cost of services will be deducted from the deposit and the rest of deposit will be returned back after the enrollment is finished.
  2. Managed Care programs. There are different Health Care Programs available for individual, family, corporate customers and for holders of insurance policies issued by Russian insurance companies.
    Every Health Care Program contains certain scope of services provided upon medical indications according General Terms and Conditions for a fixed annual price. The price of Health Care Program depends on the number of one-time enrolled persons and on the scope of services included in the Program.

Health care plan structure

Managed care Program «Future mother»

Newborn child health care plan structure

Doctor’s recommendations

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