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Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Department

The principles and practice of evidence based medicine is at the heart of the services provided by our ENT Department.   Intermedcenter’s ENT Department  is  equipped  with  all  the  necessary  modern  diagnostic  equipment.  This  allows us to  provide  patients (both adults and children)  experiencing  various acute or chronic problems of the ear,  nose,  or  throat  with  a  full  line  of  out-patient  and  in-patient  services, and with appropriate therapies.

Diagnostic modalities routinely available include: 

  • Endoscopic  and  microscopic  examination
  • Audiologic  and tympanometric evaluation
  • Laboratory  testing
  • CT  scan  and  MRI
  • Polysomnography (sleep apnea studies)

For patients  with specific nasal  breathing  disturbances,  paranasal  sinus  disorders,  and those suffering  from  sleep apnea  we  provide established and effective medical treatment, and when necessary, surgical  treatment using  endoscopic  technologies.



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